Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cicada Spring: Award Update and Readers' Favorite Review

So I just found out the other day that Cicada Spring won an Honorable Mention award from the 2015 Readers' Favorite Awards in the suspense category. I thought that was pretty cool, seeing as I never really expected more than a handful of people to ever read my book. I'm still debating going to the ceremony in Miami, but I think I'm leaning more towards yes than no--my beautiful tax accountant girlfriend has informed me I can write the whole thing off on my taxes this year. Beaches, sun, and an award... seems like a no-brainer.
And since I'm on the subject of Readers' Favorite, I thought I would post the Five-Star review they gave Cicada Spring. You can also read it on the website here.
Reviewed by for Readers' Favorite
Cicada Spring by Christian Galacar is a story of suspense set in 1979, Heartsridge, Massachusetts. An ordinary day in the lives of ordinary people, until 15-year-old Kara Price stumbles home, following a brutal attack and rape. The perpetrator? A highly public figure in the town, one who is loved by all. Heartsridge is changed, divided. A mayor who can do nothing wrong, despite his temper. A sheriff with a guilty conscience. A father who wants revenge for his little girl, and a killer. Then there’s Kara. She just wants to put it all behind her and move on. But she can’t. There are too many people who accuse her of lying, of being nothing more than an attention seeker. Will justice prevail or will the guilty party walk away, leaving Kara to pick up the pieces of her life?

Cicada Spring is an impressive debut novel by Christian Galacar. From page one, you will not be able to put it down, I guarantee you of that. It is fast and full of exiting action. Twists and turns like no other and the expert handling of a real human interest subject show that Mr. Galacar has set the wheels in motion for a runaway novel. I expect this book to explode onto the scene and receive the accolades it richly deserves. The insight into the mind of a rape victim is deep and will affect any reader. This is a fantastic novel, with strong characters and a strong plot, and I really hope that it signals the beginning of a strong career for Christian Galacar. I look forward to seeing more from this promising author.


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